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How To Detect The Pathogens In Your Food?

As COVID-19 is taking over the world’s attention, people around the globe have grown increasingly concerned with sanitization and sterilization of goods and products entering their homes. One such class of daily commodities is Fruits and Vegetables. Food items can be potential carriers of the virus if they are handled by infected people. But under the fame of COVID-19 pandemic, we shouldn’t forget about the other criminals taking part in this crime. Some bacteria, fungi and parasites could also make for troubling pathogens, likely enough to get us ill and make us pay for a ride at the hospital. According to a Times of India study in 2019, India incurs a cost of 15 billion dollars annually to pay for foodborne illness. Statistics reveal that India faced 100 million cases of foodborne illness in 2011. Researchers strongly believe that the number of these cases can go up to 150-177 million by 2030. This means that the situation can turn worse from one person being infected amongst twelve in